Peter Eaton: my passion is telling stories through filmmaking.

When I was a kid, I loved two things; design/drawing and photography.

Brian Eaton with Minolta camera 1972

Dad with his Minolta 1972

In the 70s my dad used to develop his own black and white photos in our laundry, converted to a darkroom, but my favourite photography was the 35mm colour slides he would take of our family holidays and outings. It was like going to the movies and being on the big screen when dad would plug in the slide projector.

As a teenager, I remember looking through the glass of my own 35mm film camera and thinking ‘Wow wouldn’t it be great if video looked like this!’ In the 80s it definitely didn’t. Slide film was the closest I could get to that entrancing cinematic projected image.

Well, as it turned out, for the first half of my life, I followed my designing passion, and became an architect. My film camera by my side popping off that expensive slide film with the cinematic image.


Peter Eaton

Once I’d achieved my personal goals in architecture, it was time to follow my passion for photography. In the midst of that transition, I found myself caught up in the whirlwind that has become known as the ‘DSLR video revolution’ – the introduction and use of photographic still cameras that can film cinematic looking video! My teenage dream had now become a reality.

The compact size of modern video cameras gives me the ability to move rapidly, and be fairly inconspicuously during a wedding. This means we can create the volume of  footage angles needed to move beyond traditional stationary wedding video. Although unscripted, we can get the feel of a cinematic feature, in which the presentation moves quickly from scene to scene and tells the story ‘in the round’. We can gather the footage we need to tell your story in an engaging, beautiful, artistic, surprising and cinematic way.

Drop me a line via the contact page or call me on 0413 610 087 to arrange your treasured wedding feature film.