Can we have our favourite music for our wedding film?

There’s bad news and then the good news.

The bad news is, your favourite music is protected under copyright by your favorite artist and illegal to use in a new creative work.

The good news is, there is a wealth of great music available for licence, that you probably haven’t heard before.

The even better news is, because this music is excellent, but not widely known, it is not going to date your film and will appear unique to you, without other associations for people.

The best news is, that’s cool!


How do you work with our photographer?

I love photographers and photography. We are both there working for you to provide the best service we can, for you, on your special day.

Our video filming during the ceremony is from a discreet distance and we consult with your photographer, about where we will be, as much as possible.

If you have selected a quality photographer, they will show the same respect for you and your guests.